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Great World Theatre – The Salzburg Festival Centenary

26 JULY 2020 TO 31 OCTOBER 2021

Curtain Up!
The Salzburg Museum celebrates a special anniversary as this year’s highlight, starting on 26 July 2020: We look back at 100 years of the Salzburg Festival with an anniversary exhibition. On 22 August 1920, Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Jedermann (Everyman), directed by Max Reinhardt, was performed for the very first time in Salzburg’s Cathedral Square. This day is considered the founding of the Salzburg Festival. Entitled the Great World Theatre, the exhibition at the Salzburg Museum offers insights into the festival’s history and its development until the present. Together with the Salzburg Festival, the story of the world-famous festival for classical music and performing arts is being told. The exhibition transforms the museum into a stage and brings the history of the Salzburg Festival to life. Video and audio material, photos, costumes, stage props, an extensive archive as well as installations of internationally renowned contemporary artists form a comprehensive overall experience. With this concept, the exhibition follows festival founder Max Reinhardt’s conviction that a play could only fulfil its potential in close dialogue with its audience. In keeping with this principle, the visitors are invited to dive into the world of the Salzburg Festival and explore the exhibition actively. Under the slogan Curtain Up! creative workshops and tours await visitors and interactive children’s terminals enable an individual encounter of the exhibition.

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  • 1 Grosses Welttheater.jpgHugo von Hofmannsthal, Jedermann, 1920, Director: Max Reinhardt, Alexander Moissi (Jedermann), Johanna Terwin (Buhlschaft) © Archive of the Salzburg Festival/Foto Ellinger
  • 2 Grosses Welttheater.jpgAustrian stage director Max Reinhardt at Schloss Leopoldskron, around 1933, Photograph by Franz Xaver Setzer © Archiv Setzer-Tschiedel/Imagno/
  • 3 Grosses Welttheater.jpgHugo von Hofmannsthal: Jedermann, 1926, director: Max Reinhardt, Alexander Moissi (Jedermann), Luis Rainer (Tod) © Archive of the Salzburg Festival/Ellinger
  • 4 Grosses Welttheater.jpgJohann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust I., rehearsal 1933, director: Max Reinhardt, Max Reinhardt, Johannes Reich and Hans Niederführ © Archive of the Salzburg Festival/Ellinger
  • 5 Grosses Welttheater.jpgRichard Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier, 1960, conductor: Herbert von Karajan, director: Rudolf Hartmann Hilde Güden (Sophie), Sena Jurinac (Octavian), © Archive of the Salzburg Festival/Ellinger
  • 6 Grosses Welttheater.jpgWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Magic Flute, 1978, conductor: James Levine, director: Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, Christian Boesch (Papageno), © Archive of the Salzburg Festival/Winfried Rabanus
  • 7 Grosses Welttheater.jpgHugo von Hofmannsthal Jedermann 2013, director: Brian Mertes and Julian Crouch, Cornelius Obonya (Jedermann), Peter Lohmeyer (Tod), © Salzburger Festspiele/Forster
  • 8 Grosses Welttheater.jpgRichard Strauss, Salome, 2018, conductor: Franz Welser-Möst, director: Romeo Castellucci Anna Maria Chiuri (Herodias), © Salzburger Festspiele / Ruth Walz
  • 9 Grosses Welttheater.jpgMockup of the set by Günther Schneider-Siemssen for Modest P. Mussorgski’s Boris Godunow at the Grosses Festspielhaus directed by Herbert von Karajan, 1695, Archive of the Salzburg Festival, Ausstattung, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 10 Grosses Welttheater.jpgPolaroids from the fitting for Peter Handke’s translation of Prometheus, gefesselt, 1986 as reference for the make-up (Bruno Ganz, Branko Samarovski, Isabel Karajan, Libgart Schwarz, Peter Simonischek, Angela Winkler, Udo Samel), 1986, Archive of the Salzburg Festival, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 11 Grosses Welttheater.jpgCrown of the title hero (Oskar Werner) in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet directed by Oskar Werner, design by Erni Kniepert, 1970, Archive of the Salzburg Festival, costume stock, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 12 Grosses Welttheater.jpgPrompt book with handwritten notes by Max Reinhardt on Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Jedermann, 1911, 1920, 1927, 1930s, Archive of the Salzburg Festival, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 13 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: „Great Cinema“ – a filmic introduction, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 14 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: Installation Large Panel, Werner Feiersinger, 2020, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 15 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: Early Visions – A narrative in dailogue with the Theatermuseum Vienna, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 16 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: Breaks – A narrative in dialogue with the Jewish Museum in Vienna, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 17 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: Everyman expects a feast … Festspiele in Salzburg – character and uniqueness © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 18 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: Don Giovanni buys a pair of lederhosen © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 19 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: The City as Stage – theatres and venues of the Salzburg Festival – An installation in dialogue with the artist Lionel Favre © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 20 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: SoundRoom/SoundBodies – An installation in dalogue with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 21 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: Props – An installation in dialogue with the artist John Bock, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 22 Grosses Welttheater.jpgYinka Shonibare CBE, The Bird Catcher’s Dilemma, 2019–2020, Courtesy of the artist and Stephen, Friedman Gallery, London, Photographer: Stephen White
  • 23 Grosses Welttheater.jpgYinka Shonibare CBE, The Bird Catcher’s Dilemma, 2019–2020, Courtesy of the artist and Stephen, Friedman Gallery, London, Photographer: Stephen White
  • 24 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail: The Word – An installation in dialogue with the artist Eva Schlegel and the Salzburg Literature Archive, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 25 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail Kunsthalle (Art Hall) © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 26 Grosses Welttheater.jpgDetail Archive, © Salzburg Museum/Luigi Caputo
  • 27 Grosses Welttheater.jpgExternal view of the Salzburg Museum, © Salzburg Museum/Melanie Wressnigg
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